Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make with Your Printer

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On June 5, 2017

Father’s Day is a great time to show your father – or the father of your kids – just how much you appreciate all they do. While we may think of Mother’s Day as the time for handmade tokens of love, dads appreciate the time and effort that goes into these sorts of crafts, too.

If you want to incorporate technology into your heartfelt, handmade gift, then read on. After all, these are Father’s Day gifts you can make with your printer.

Questions and Answers

We love a good questionnaire printable because those with young kids are always guaranteed to get a laugh. This one asks some pretty interesting questions, plus it provides plenty of opportunity for creativity and colouring, which makes it a great addition to any Father’s Day celebrations.

View the tutorial here

Tokens of Our Esteem

This little craft just requires some printing, a little gluing to make the tokens last longer and a willingness on the child’s part to do some lovely things for their dad. So not much at all, really! By the way, you can get a tin like that at craft shops.

View the tutorial here

Amazing 3D Cards

If the father in your life loves cars, this is the perfect craft. Simply print off the background and other elements, and construct a card that will really wow him. Don’t forget to use sticky foam pads to really make the design pop.

View the tutorial here

Clearly the Best

These glasses are easy to print and easy to assemble. Best of all, they look funny and cool at the same time. You can either make him wear them on the day, or you can make glasses for all your kids to wear as a tribute to the world’s best dad.

View tutorial here

Unforgettable Dad

If you’re celebrating a truly unforgettable father, try printing off a memory game to play on the day. You can either print off a set, like the one above, or you can find images of his favourite things to make a more personalised version. Glue the images onto card stock to create a game that will last.

View tutorial here 

These printable Father’s Day crafts are perfect for anyone, whether you have a handy dad, a funny pop, a sporty father or just a man who needs some time to rest and relax. If you are looking to replace ink to create your Dad an extra special gift, make sure you visit 999inks.co.uk to stock up. Whichever craft you decide to print, the important thing is to make sure you have a happy, relaxing Father’s Day together. Happy Father’s Day!

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