Six Easter Crafts to Egg-cite Your Kids

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On April 12, 2017

Easter holidays always offer the promise of endless fun but as the days drag on, the toys get boring, and the playground becomes predictable, it might be time to get your craft box out. These Easter crafts are guaranteed to fill a rainy afternoon or two and can be altered depending on the ages of the child or children you’re entertaining.

Crack on! And by the time you’ve done all six, your home will be thoroughly Easter-fied, and ready to welcome the Easter Bunny when he finally arrives!

Get Decorative!

Decorating eggs is a classic Easter activity. But if the thought of cracked shells and slimy yolks all over the place fills you with dread, why not decorate paper eggs instead? Simply cut them out on paper and arm your children with pens and paints. There are a couple of fun ways to liven up the decorating task, like using cotton wool buds instead of paint brushes, or making a DIY stamp with cotton wool balls held firmly by clothes pegs.

Pop Up Peg Eggs!

Older children will love this adorable craft. Simply assemble a clothes peg, some thick card and heavy-duty glue. It’s then down to them to draw and cut out the two halves of the eggshell and the chick that sits behind them. We love the way you can even write ‘anyone home?’ on the peg itself!

Carrot Feet!

If the weather is nice enough for playing barefoot outside, then this carrot-y craft will be much easier to clean up! Simply get some orange paint to dab their feet into then let them stomp around on pieces of white paper to their heart’s content. You only need a couple of clear prints to create these carrots, which can then be cut out and adorned with green tufts for leaves.

Easter Egg Sun Catchers

Springtime sunshine isn’t especially reliable but when it’s there, you really want to make the most of it! That’s where these bright and beautiful sun catchers come in. All you need to make them is an egg-shaped piece of sticky back plastic and a selection of strips of tissue paper. Let the kids assemble their own egg on the sticky back plastic, making a pattern of their choosing with their favourite colours, then finish it off by backing the other side too. Ribbon or string can then be threaded through a small hole in the top, so they can decorate your garden in time for Easter Sunday.

Cheerful Easter Daffodil

Nothing says Easter like a lovely springtime daffodil. But to make sure yours don’t whither too soon, make them out of lollipop sticks, yellow card and cupcake cases. Let the kids practice their cutting skills by creating the petal shapes, paint the sticks green and use a few dabs of glue to stick the whole lot together and make a mini bloom that will last!

Easter Bunny Noses

Who knew it was this easy to turn your little one into the cutest bunny on the block?! All it takes is a lollipop stick, some white pipe-cleaners and a pink pompom. Simply wrap the pipe-cleaners around the top of the stick, gluing them if necessary, then fan them out to make whiskers. Finally attach your pompom at the top for the nose. Voila!

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